Watch Midnight Red Play The 'Hell Yeah!' Game And Admit They'd Go Naked

The boy band also tells us how Selena Gomez got her hands on Eric's phone.

While Red Heads await the big launch of Midnight Red's new video for "Hell Yeah," we thought we'd get the guys shouting "hell yeah" a little early when they stopped by MTV News. Were they up for the challenge?

In the "Hell Yeah!" game, the rules are simple. We ask the fivesome a question, and they answer "hell yeah!" or "hellllll no!" Would they run around New York City naked? Would they have run for president? Well, their answers might surprise you.

When it came to 'fessing up about whether they'd twerk with Miley Cyrus, four out of the five guys were quick to say "hell yeah," but Colton Rudloff was a little more reserved.

"Colton's just saying no because he's just being modest 'cause he's the best twerker," Eric Secharia said.

"He doesn't want to out-twerk Miley," Anthony Ladao claimed.

However, attempts to get Colton to twerk during the interview failed. We tried.

Watch the video to see how Selena Gomez got Eric's phone and why the band wouldn't be able to eat pizza every day for the rest of their lives.

The band will begin touring with the Wanted on their Word of Mouth tour next Monday.