One Direction Look Like They're Smelling Farts, Not Perfume, In New Ad

Just look at Harry's face.

Happiness. Shock. Confusion. Love. What do you look like when you're feeling "that moment"?

Well, according to One Direction in an ad for their new fragrance, That Moment, it's all of the above.

Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam and Zayn work with a very special photographer for the spot. His name is Girolle, an inspired photog with a jewel-crusted crotch and a disregard for the guys' names. Niall turns into Nail, and Zayn is reduced to a bunch of Zzzzzzs.

Girolle instructs them to portray the fragrance's smell in just one look — which looks as hard as it seems. Harry, doesn't look in love; it looks like he's sniffing a fart.

Watch the teaser ad (and an even longer one at the website) and tell us who makes the cutest face when Girolle tells them to find "that moment."