Liars Mix Facts And Fiction In 'Mess On A Mission' Video

They also climb some stairs backwards.

"Facts are facts and fiction's fiction" — the refrain of Liars' "Mess On A Mission" basically encapsulates their new video in a nutshell.

An eerily glitchy affair, the Luis Cerveró-directed video features the band walking backwards up a staircase, clutching signs reading "Facts Are Fiction" and "What A Mess" as the world burns. As they ascend farther up the stairs, things get even more tangled: yeti-creatures follow in hot pursuit, the scene flickers between chaos and a concert, the boys climb a pyramid, and, at one point, a green screen blinks through, proving that facts are indeed fiction.

"I'd like to leave it open for everyone to read it their way," Cerveró told Urban Outfitters of the video concept. "But basically, what happens is that reality gets increasingly diluted to the beats of the track."

"Luis' treatment immediately stood out: Mostly because I couldn't really understand what on earth he was proposing," lead singer Angus Andrew said. "All I could tell was that somehow he was really fascinated by the idea that nowadays, in filmmaking, you can no longer tell what's real and what isn't."

Teasing out the tangled threads of reality and fiction are central to the band's new record, Mess, which they advertised via images of multi-colored yarn that cropped up in playgrounds, underwear and, ultimately, in the shrink-wrapped special edition vinyl.

"I think it's an issue of perspective," the band's Aaron Hemphill told MTV News of the tangled aesthetic. "You focus on something that is a clutter and it stands outside of the environment it's within and you're forced to somehow make sense of it. You focus all your time and energy... focusing on this mess of strands inter-tangled and really trying to make sense of it until it's so focused that how can it be deemed haphazard."