'Walking Dead' Selfies? Behind-The-Scenes Pics Show Silly Side Of Season Finale

See Daryl, Rick, and Hershel almost touch tongues in these Terminus outtakes.

On screen, the fourth season finale of "The Walking Dead" was all coiled tension as our zombie apocalypse survivors made their way to the not-so-safe haven of Terminus.

Off screen, however, everything was laughs and fun as these behind-the-scenes shots show the cast goofing off, taking selfies and generally having the best time possible on the grimmest show possible.

And though these aren't plot specific, please note that they are spoiler heavy for certain parts of the episode, so be warned.

All photos are by Gene Page/AMC.

This is in such stark contrast to the actual scene they shot, it gave us whiplash.

Who needs slashfic, when we have Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus and Scott Wilson in real life? Get Steven Yuen in on that action, boys!

Even in an apocalypse, you can't escape the duckface selfie.

Norman Reedus, Andrew Lincoln and Scott Wilson hear no evil, see no evil, and, um, also hear no evil.

Just three regular insane, killer dudes chilling out at Terminus.

Emily Kinney (Beth) and Scott Wilson (Hershel) bond over the fact that they're both dead and/or missing.

"Hey, look Emily and Scott, I used this 'Dead Yourself' app on your guys." "Really, why'd you do that, Andrew?" "Ummm... No reason."

Don't drink those water bottles, Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira and Norman Reedus! It's people! The water is people!

The whole cast smiles happily during better times at the Prison.

"The Walking Dead" will be available on Blu-Ray and DVD in June, and return to AMC this Fall.