Miami Mayor Wants To Nix Ultra Fest After Security Guard Trampled

'Our mission is to safeguard the lives of the people,' Mayor Tomas Regalado said.

After a security guard was trampled and seriously injured and one 21-year-old attendee died during the Ultra Music Festival, Miami Mayor Tomas Regalado said that he plans to use the incident to prohibit the fest from returning to the Florida city.

"I think we should not have Ultra next year here," Regalado told the Miami Herald. "This incident should never have happened."

21-year-old Adonis Pena Escoto died early Sunday morning after he was feeling ill during the festival and his friends took him to his car to rest. "The friends go back to the festival. When they left, he never [woke] up," his aunt, Rosa Escoto, told NBC 6 South Florida.

An autopsy for the case has yet to be completed.

Friday, Miami police called for additional fencing around the perimeter of the festival in the spot where Erica Mack, 28, would later be trampled. No additional fencing was added, so when a mob who had not been able to secure tickets began rushing the fence later that evening, Mack was overwhelmed by the crowd.

"A mob of people came to a fenced-in area where they saw an opportunity to try to push it over," Fire Rescue spokesman Iggy Carroll told NBC Miami. "Numerous amounts of people, we don't know the exact number, was able to push it on top of her and began trampling her just to get into the Ultra Fest."

Mack is currently in the hospital with severe brain hemorrhaging and a broken leg.

"Our mission is to safeguard the lives of the people," Regalado told the Herald, saying that he and other city leaders are seeking to determine whether the faulty fence could be defined as a breach of contract, allowing them to nix the fest in future years.

"This is not a business that serves the community well," Miami City Commissioner Marc Sarnoff told NBC. "It is time for Ultra to go away. We have always talked about people getting trampled and now it happened."

In addition to stampeding fans, the festival also saw more than 80 arrests over the course of the weekend, 33 of which were felonies, according to NBC.

This isn't the first tragedy to strike a music festival. In September, Electric Zoo was cut short after two people died from suspected drug overdoses, and, earlier this month, four people were killed in a car crash at SXSW.

We've reached out to Mayor Regalado for comment.