Jennifer Lawrence Goes Retro Glam In New 'Serena' Photos

The actress' next Bradley Cooper collaboration follows a woman's spiral into insanity.

For the last couple of years or so, articles about Jennifer Lawrence have frequently mentioned a series of collaborations with Bradley Cooper. The co-stars started work together on David O. Russell's "Silver Linings Playbook" and his follow-up "American Hustle," and a third movie, "Serena," which has yet to materialize.

The Depression-Era drama from director Susanne Bier shot in back when "The Hunger Games" was opening in March 2012, but according to a story from The Hollywood Reporter, post-production lasted 18 months because of a "real precision edit," and not the usual mess of creative differences and reshoots.

We're still not sure when "Serena" will hit theaters, but the production designer Richard Bridgland has posted a few new looks at the film, highlighting the period settings, costumes and details.

Whenever the world gets to see "Serena," it's sure to be a crazy ride. The movie follows the story of the Pembertons, a newlywed couple that starts a business empire selling timber. I know that's not exactly thrilling stuff, but Serena Pemberton (Lawrence) goes a little crazy and tries to kill her husband's illegitimate son. Yeah, that really took a turn.

"Serena" will be the third teaming of Lawrence and Cooper, even though it was the second movie they filmed together. Their other collaborations pretty much were made of Oscar nominations, and considering the period setting, it's hard to imagine that the same would happen for "Serena."

That goes doubly for Lawrence, who is said to give a harrowing performance as the mad title character.