'Walking Dead' Finale: Will Anyone Escape Terminus Alive?

Rick Grimes and his companions are in the belly of the beast. Who will survive when season five premieres?

Warning: major spoilers from the "Walking Dead" season finale are ahead.

Well. That was unpleasant.

After weeks of promising survival for all who arrive, Terminus turned out to be a complete and utter sham. In fact, the supposed sanctuary couldn't be further from its advertised purpose if it tried. Now, Rick Grimes and his companions are in captivity, waiting to become the next plate of food for Gareth, Mary, Albert and the rest of Terminus' termites.

As if that wasn't bad enough, Rick's imprisonment came mere moments after he was forced to rip a man's throat out and mutilate another guy who was about to "claim" Carl in the worst way imaginable. Now, all the Claimers are dead, and Rick Grimes Rage Mode has officially reactivated.

Needless to say, the wait until October's return of "The Walking Dead" will be a long one. In the meantime, here are our lingering questions from the season four finale:

1. Does Rick have a new career in the making? The way he bit out Joe the Claimer's throat, it sure looks like Sheriff Grimes could retire the badge and cowboy hat in favor of becoming the post-apocalyptic world's greatest zombie impersonator. We've seen him wander around covered in guts and gore in the past, but the throat-bite took things to a whole new level.

While we're on the subject, is Rick a closet "24" fan? That throat-bite was classic season six Jack Bauer!

2. Didn't Daryl have a better play at his disposal? Rather than walking up to the captured Rick, Carl and Michonne and outing himself as their ally, couldn't Daryl have simply "claimed" the prisoners? That's how the rules of the group work, don't they? "Claim" your prize, and it's yours.

Sure, given the vendetta, Joe wasn't likely to surrender Rick and friends so easily. But it would have been worth a shot, no?

3. So, cannibals, huh? That's pretty gross! And validating, too. A lot of people theorized that Terminus was less safe haven and more Hell on Earth, filled with men and women with a hunger for more men and women. Theory confirmed. Commence cannibalism-induced stomach ache.

4. Will Tyreese and Carol evade capture? With the vast majority of the "Walking Dead" cast captured at Terminus, only a few people remain outside those cannibal city walls. Are Tyreese and Carol the last hope for Rick and his companions?

We know now that Rick can't be ignored when his back is against the wall, unless you want to lose your throat. But even he needs allies here. Tyreese and Carol could very well be the group's only chance for rescue.

5. Where's Beth? The exact whereabouts of Hershel's younger daughter remain unknown after the finale. Was she captured and taken to Terminus? Is she somewhere else out there in the wilderness? Could she reunite with Tyreese and Carol to help save their friends?

It was already hard enough not knowing the answer to what happened to Beth over these past few weeks. Now we have to wait months and months, at the very least, to get a concrete answer. That's not stressful at all!

6. Do we really have to wait until October to find out what's going to happen here? Yes, yes we do. And that, my friends, is what's referred to in the business as "uncool."

What did you think of the "Walking Dead" season finale?