It's #MCM, Baseball Edition: Meet The MLB's Hottest Hunks

Baseball season is officially underway, which is why we picked 6 babes of baseball to be our picks for #ManCrushMonday

Batter Up! Baseball season is officially underway and I can now go to the ballpark, grab a hotdog and get a front row seat so I can stare at all those sexy MLB players... I mean, totally watch every pitch, strike and out because I'm really interested in what's going on.

It's no secret that baseball has some of the finest men in sports, which is why this week, instead of picking one guy to have the honor as MTV News' #ManCrushMonday, we are showcasing the many, many babes of baseball.

Take a look at the pictures below, along with some quick stats to get you up to speed, of these homerun hitters and heart-stealers and don't forget to watch MTV2's brand new show "Off The Bat from the MLB Fan Cave," a show that takes you behind-the-scenes of baseball. It premieres Tuesday at 11 p.m. ET.

Matt Kemp

Babe Metrics: This 29-year-old L.A. dodger centerfielder has been catching fly balls and the hearts of many — including Rihanna back in 2010 — for eight seasons.

Robinson Cano

Babe Metrics: He's a five time All-star, won the World Series and he's pretty much besties with Jay-Z. This former New York Yankee recently signed with the Seattle Mariners under Hov's Roc Nation Sports, making him really, really rich — like $240 million rich.

Huston Street

Babe Metrics: He's a 30-year-old player for the San Diego Padres whose job is to close the deal on the games (he's a closing pitcher) and in our hearts. Job well done!

Wil Myers

Babe Metrics: At just 23, Wil not only caught the eye of his fellow baseball players winning AL Rookie of The Year in 2013, but probably a lot of ladies in the stands at the Tampa Bay Ray Games.

Jose Fernandez

Babe Metrics: The NL Rookie of the Year honor went to this 21-year-old in 2013, and it seems like he's picking up right where he left off, as he was named starting pitcher for the Florida Marlins on opening day. What makes that even sweeter for Jose? His grandmother, who hasn't seen him pitch since he was 14, will be in the stands cheering him on. Let's all say it together, "Awww."

Derek "The Captain" Jeter

Babe Metrics: It wouldn't be a list without the hottest babe in baseball, Derek Jeter. The captain of the New York Yankees brought tears to our eyes when he announced that he will be hanging up his pinstripes at the end of the 2014 season. Thank you, #2, for the memories and all those photos, including this one, that lined my school locker for many, many years.