'Walking Dead' Season Finale Pics Spoil Everything

These close-ups on Rick and Carl's faces totally give away how it all ends.

We're one episode away from the final moment of "The Walking Dead" season 4, and the show-runners are playing it close to the vest and keeping things spoiler-free.

...Or are they?

With the release of two new photos from Sunday's big finale, it might seem at first glance like these images — both close-ups, focused on the faces of Rick and Carl Grimes — tell us nothing at all about what's in store in the season's very last episode.

But look again, with the help of our analysis below, and you'll see that they're absolutely chock full o' spoilers. Thanks a lot, show: now we don't even need to watch to know how everything ends.

You have reached Terminus

Let's just start with the truly obvious: that is clearly the brick facade of Terminus behind both Rick and Carl, neither of whom appear to have been beaten to a bloody pulp. Guess we don't have to wonder anymore whether they make it there without being caught by the angry gang of goons who were hot on their trail in the last episode.

Somebody gets a makeover

Not only are Rick's injuries from the stand-off at the prison almost fully healed, but he's about 1000% less greasy than in previous episodes; dude looks positively exfoliated. Basically, it's painfully obvious thanks to these spoileriffic pics that Rick Grimes will be shampooed at some point during the "Walking Dead" finale. Boo! We hate that we know this!

You've got some bloody cheek

That's some remarkably bright red human juice all over the face of Grimes, Junior. It's definitely not from a walker — they're filled with black goo, as we all know — and it's definitely not his own.

The placement and smear pattern clearly indicate that it was put there by someone else, somebody who felt compelled to touch Carl's cheek in an emotional moment whilst bleeding profusely from his or her enormous fingers.

Obviously, someone with seriously huge appendages is going to die during the season finale. Spoiler alert: Goodbye, Tyreese. We'll miss you and your giant man paws.

Eyes on the prize

Rick and Carl are clearly gazing at something strange and unsettling: something in an upward direction. Carl is not easily impressed, he couldn't be looking so raptly at a bird or a bug; and a helicopter would never cause Rick to stare upward with such a mix of confusion and alarm.

So, what are they looking at? Flying zombies, obviously. Yep, that's right: the season finale of "The Walking Dead" will involve a fierce battle between our beloved survivors and a flock of winged walkers. We can't believe they gave that away.

"The Walking Dead" airs Sunday, March 30 at 9 p.m. ET.