Did YG Really Dis Tyga And Problem, Or Nah?

'I ain't say nobody names,' YG tells MTV News about the Funkmaster Flex freestyle disses.

It's customary for rappers to drop a freestyle when visiting New York DJ's Funkmaster Flex Hot 97 radio show, but the disses are optional.

YG certainly took shots without naming names and got fans (and blog sites) speculating that he was going after fellow Cali rappers Tyga and Problem, but he isn't about to spill the beans yet.

"Look man, I was rappin' on that freestyle, you feel me? I ain't say nobody names, I don't know where names came from," YG told MTV News on Tuesday, clapping his hands with every other syllable to accentuate his words. "But if somebody, whoever feel like I was talkin' to 'em, fo' sho. If you don't fo' sho. That's all about that."

During the radio freestyle, which Flex posted to the Internet on March 20, YG dropped some pretty fiery bars on Snoop Dogg's 1999 single "Bitch Please."

"N---as sneak dis by the way/ Well, I'm about to frontline this sh-- by the way," he started before going at unnamed targets. "These n---as stole my sh-- by the way/ So I'm f--k the n---a bitch by the way/ I'm talkin' to two f--ks by the way/ Ha, like what by the way."

Immediately following the freestyle, a number of rap websites speculated that the rhyme was about Tyga and Problem. YG's assertion that someone stole his style could be a reference to Tyga's 2011 "Rack City" single; while the Young Gangsta's "like what" line points to Problem who dropped his "Like Whaaat" single last year. But until YG confirms things, it's all just speculation.

"I know one thing though, I be stating facts though when spit my little sh--. I state facts fo' sho'," he told us, being as vague as possible. "But that ain't nothin' though, that ain't nothin' to keep talkin' about, just a little play, play. I'm about to start rappin' on these n---as."