Arnold Schwarzenegger's 'Sabotage' Co-Stars Made Him Feel 'Puny'

The action legend recalls not stacking up to Joe Manganiello on set.

For his entire career, Arnold Schwarzenegger has had the reputation of being "one gigantic motherf---er," but on the set of "Sabotage," his co-stars called that into question.

When Schwarzenegger and Joe Manganiello stopped by MTV News to talk about their new movie, the action legend talked about how his larger castmates put him in an unfamiliar situation.

"It's the first time that I started feeling puny when I was standing next to some of the guys," Schwarzenegger said. "I had to look up to them when I did my scenes. It was funny. I said, 'Why did David Ayer do this to me.' Next to me is a guy who is being chased by 4 billion women around the world. He's doing this hot TV show and he has [a] better six pack than I have. He's five inches taller than me. I finally settled in, and I could handle it. We became good friends."

It also probably didn't help that Schwarzenegger's co-star couldn't stop accidentally imitating him, which Manganiello talks about in the interview above.

"Sabotage" is in theaters now.