Exclusive 'Walking Dead' Poster: Will Tyreese And Carol Arrive?

The two survivors leave 'The Grove' and head toward Terminus in a new poster for the 'Walking Dead' finale.

Will all who arrive survive? That's the big question going into Sunday night's season four finale of "The Walking Dead," as all of the disparate stories finally converge on one location: Terminus.

At the moment, several characters are already at the potential safe haven: Glenn, Maggie, Tara, Sasha, Bob, Abraham, Eugene and Rosita. Elsewhere, Daryl has set up shop with the enigmatic Joe and his Claimers, while Rick Grimes leads Carl and Michonne along the train tracks toward Terminus.

Also in the mix: Tyreese and Carol, fresh out of "The Grove," where they leave behind the dead bodies of little Lizzie and her sister Mika. They're now back on the road and headed to Terminus. Will they make it there in time for the finale? That's the question on the mind of this new poster for the finale, which we can exclusively reveal:

Tyreese and Carol have already overcome enormous adversity on their own. They were forced to put Lizzie down after she killed her own sister. They were forced to confront the reality of Karen's death, with Tyreese ultimately forgiving (but not forgetting) Carol's actions.

But even through all of that, are Tyreese and Carol ready for what lies ahead? If popular theories pan out, and Terminus turns out to be less of a safe haven and more of an unsafe hell, then Carol and Tyreese will want to keep their sleeves rolled up — soon enough, it's going to be hammer time.

"The Walking Dead" airs its season finale on Sunday, March 30.