11 Reasons Bill Murray Is A Bigger Hipster Than You

Stop trying to be different. It's useless.

Bill Murray is cooler than you. He’s cooler than your brother. Your mother. Your sister. That really cool dude/chick you met at that super DIY underground show at a deli last week that got broken up by the cops because, you know, you’re not supposed to play psychobilly really loud after 3 a.m. on a Tuesday in a deli.

The word “hipster” may have degraded over the years — applied to hapless sports team players when they chose to grow a ’stache or political figures wearing black framed glasses — but when coupled with the name “Bill Murray” it just makes sense.

He defies logic. He goes against the proverbial grain. And, sure, he wears some pretty idiotic-looking stuff and manages to make it look good.

And, get this, he just does it. Without comment. Without Instagramming it. Without looking for myriad pattings on the back. He is a hipster in the purest sense. The brand that none of us can be because we just want it too much.

So give it up, kids. Pack in your motorcycle jackets. Your tarot cards. Your mechanic’s jumpsuit. Murray’s going to take it from here. And forever.

Behold: 11 ways Bill Murray explodes your self-described hipsterdom by just being himself.

1. These Pants

From the waist up, Murray looks pretty nonchalant — gentlemanly even. Then you get to those pants and it’s like, ’Bill, are you aware that your nether regions are swathed in fabric advertising the hipster nectar of the Gods?’

It must be some kind of statement, you think. This must mean something! You implore him to reveal unto you the meaning of those glorious trousers. Then wait with breath that is bated…

Bill looks down with a vague shrug, his eyes impassive, giving nothing away. He could have been born in those pants. Nabbed them from the lost and found while wandering past a gym. Won them from a carney at a fair in the wilds of Arkansas. The only thing we’ll ever know is that he’s wearing them. And he looks good.

2. This Tattoo

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