Must See: Emma Watson Throwback Photos From Her First US Premiere

The future fashionista was just 11 on the red carpet for the first "Harry Potter."

Last night, Emma Watson took over the @MTV Twitter to bring you behind the scenes at the red carpet premiere for "Noah."

Having been in the business now for almost 15 years, Emma is pretty much an old pro at red carpets, but that wasn't always the case.

Back in November of 2001, Emma was an 11 year-old, who had just starred in her first movie. I dug through the archives and found images from her first US premiere, and they are pretty great. Check out the photos below.

Emma was styling in a monochrome number. What is that color? Asparagus?

And of course, you have to show off the shawl a little.

There's the trio, celebrating their first big movie.

Then Richard Harris showed up, and it got very serious.

Nice! A shoe detail shot. I'm surprised she hasn't brought those back out.

Proof of 2001 style: Rockin' a choker like nobody's business.

"Noah" opens in theaters on March 28.