Sage The Gemini And Iamsu! Had Fun On 'Letterman'... Even If The Crowd Didn't

The Bay Area rappers hit 'Late Show' to perform 'Gas Pedal.'

Sage the Gemini and Iamsu! didn't feel like they got a ton of love when they performed on Wednesday's episode of "Late Show With David Letterman," but that certainly didn't stop the Bay Area MCs from enjoying their appearance.

"That was so crazy," Sage told Sway during Wednesday's episode of "RapFix Live." "It was tight, because we switched up the beat a little bit, using the band, and then we put an R&B feel into it. But when you look out to the crowd, no offense, it was just a whole bunch of white people like..."

"Stale-faced," Su chimed in, explaining the expressions of the attendees — which Sage was simultaneously mimicking while on the couch. "Stupid cold."

If their constant laughter when retelling the story was any indication, though, the HBK Gang members didn't let the crowd's response — or lack thereof — get to them. Sage even poked fun at his frequent collaborator's inability to get the crowd hyped up. "He said, 'Put yo' hands up!'" the Republic Records signed rapper said.

"And they was like, 'Nah, I think I'll pass,'" Su finished.

The two Cali kids made the most of their moment on a late night TV staple, though. "But it was tight though, 'cause you could tell it was a real audience 'cause as soon as I was like, 'How y'all doing out there tonight?' They said, 'Ahhhh,'" Sage continued.

"They probably cut the 'Applause' sign on," Iamsu! quipped with a laugh.

Sage the Gemini's debut album, Remember Me, was released Tuesday.