Happy Birthday Mariah Carey: Here Are Your 11 Best Instagram Snaps

From lounging in the bath to voting, Mimi knows how to Insta-live.

Happy Birthday, Mariah Carey! Today (March 27) you are 44 years old! And to celebrate your entrance into this blighted world — made all the more glorious by you, sweet fantasy baby — we over at MTV News have chosen to bask in the glow of an artform you have truly perfected: the Instagram photo.

From lounging in the bath to doing your civic duty and voting, you, Mariah, have generously shared every aspect of your glittering life with us and for that we are grateful.

So pop some champagne and cue up your favorite movie ("Mean Girls," of course), Ms. Mimi. These are our top snaps from your illustrious Insta-career!

1. Valentine's Day

2. An Early Selfie

3. Sneaking With Santa

4. Covered In Puppies

5. In A Blinged-Out Cast

6. Riding A Pony

7. This Bunny Loves You

8. With Fallon And A Xylophone

9. Voting For Obama

10. With The Three Bears

11. Your First Snap