Ellie Goulding Channels Tris In 'Beating Heart' Video: Watch Now

Goulding gets lost in the woods in clip for 'Divergent' soundtrack single.

What's the best way to sum up the smoldering relationship between Tris and Four in "Divergent?" How about getting lost in the woods with a dark-haired handsome man while wearing a skimpy black dress and singing about your rapidly "Beating Heart?"

It totally works for Ellie Goulding, who goes all literal in the clip for her "Divergent" soundtrack single, in which she channels Tris while being pursued by said hottie.

With the song's haunting keyboard open bubbling in the background, the video opens with Goulding sipping a cup of mysterious blue liquid. It transports her to, no, not the "departure lounge of disbelief," but to the forest, where she walks carefully (wearing only a silky black slip) as clips from the film intercut with scenes of Goulding exploring the alien territory.

And, like Tris, she has the telltale bird tats on her shoulder, as well as a partial Four back piece to match. But, just before her dream ends the mysterious man grabs her and ... well, we'll never know.