'Walking Dead' Star Promises 'Great' Terminus Reveal

'I think people are going to be really happy with how it turns out,' says Josh McDermitt, who plays mullet-rocking scientist Eugene.

Only one episode remains in the fourth season of "The Walking Dead." Throughout the back half of the season, everyone from Rick Grimes to Daryl Dixon has been scattered to the nine winds, walking down their own paths of destiny. But all roads lead to one place: Terminus.

"All who arrive, survive," they say. But is that actually the case? Compelling theories suggest that Terminus is not a safe haven as advertised, but a trap set up to do horrible, unthinkable things to visitors — visitors like Glenn, Maggie, Sasha, Bob, Abraham, Rosita and Eugene, all of whom ended last week's episode, "Us," in the belly of the beast known as Terminus.

Of course, it's entirely possible that Terminus is the hopeful place these survivors need it to be. Speaking with MTV News about the true nature of Terminus, actor Josh McDermitt, the man who rocks the mullet as scientist Eugene, promised that viewers are just days away from some great answers.

"I think people are going to be really happy with how it turns out," he teased. "This group just lost the prison. They're on railroad tracks, they're in the woods, they're on the road. They're just trying to find each other. Hopefully, Terminus becomes this thing where everyone can regroup and rebuild their lives. We know Rick and Michonne and Carl are on their way there. Are we going to meet them there? What's going to happen? I don't know."

McDermitt is one of the newer members of the "Walking Dead" cast. As Eugene, he's also one of the show's most important characters. In an earlier episode, mustached macho man Abraham Ford revealed that Eugene knows how the zombie plague began, and how to end it. Whether or not Eugene's knowledge is as solid as claimed, the character represents the same thing as Terminus — hope.

"These characters bring a different element to the show that we've never seen before," McDermitt said of playing Eugene, alongside Michael Cudlitz as Abraham and Christian Serratos as Rosita. "Eugene brings a bit of hope. He says he knows how to stop this thing. And Abraham, he takes joy out of killing walkers, which almost brings a humorous element to it. He's a larger than life character, so it's fun to watch someone who enjoys his work. [Killing walkers] is his occupation now. He takes joy in it."

Eugene, just like Terminus, is filled with secrets. In fact, the biggest secret of all is one of Eugene's most obvious traits: his hair.

"In the comics, we learn that Eugene fashions the mullet so people underestimate him," said McDermitt. "He does it to kind of 'dumb himself down' as much as possible. I think the writers have had fun with that. He's a smart guy. The smartest guy in the room. But he lacks some basic social skills and knowledge, like how to fire a weapon."

"You look at him and wonder, well, what's wrong with him," he added cryptically. "What's he manipulating? What's he trying to control?"

Look out for those answers and more when "The Walking Dead" airs its season four finale, "A," on Sunday night.

What do you make of Eugene Porter and his mysterious mullet? What lies ahead at Terminus?