Watch YG's Reaction To Getting Beat By The 'Frozen' Soundtrack

Tune in today (March 26) at 4 p.m. ET as YG and DJ Mustard break down My Krazy Life on 'Rapfix Live' on and MTV Jams.

YG almost had it all. Last week the Compton, California, rap rookie dropped his major-label debut, My Krazy Life, to critical acclaim. And he would've scored a nice sales feat this week had it not been for Disney's latest cash cow, "Frozen."

"I got, like, #2 right," YG asked about his position on this week's Billboard albums chart, before confirming the final tally. "Oh, #1 rap album, I got the #2 album in the country because of that 'Frozen' sh--. Man, that sh-- got me hot."

On Tuesday, YG and his production partner, DJ Mustard, visited MTV News where they sat down for a track-by-track breakdown of My Krazy Life, which will be featured on Wednesday's (March 26) episode of "RapFix Live" at 4 p.m. ET on and MTV Jams.

After breaking down his LP, we spoke to the Young Gangsta about coming in right behind Disney's "Frozen" soundtrack, which moved a staggering 202,000 copies in its 17th week of release. YG was able to sell about 61,000 copies of his album, enough to land him in the Billboard 200's second slot.

"It don't even matter, like, it's Disney. C'mon, man, they should have their own iTunes," the rapper joked. "Disney should have a thing where they sell their music on; what y'all need iTunes for?"

The animated blockbuster hit theaters in November 2013 and has already grossed over a billion dollars worldwide. The "Frozen" soundtrack has sold more than 1.6 million copies to date.

" 'Frozen' don't count; I got the #1 joint in the country," YG protested in jest. "You can't count that, that's like cheating. That's like — that don't count, man."