Anne Hathaway Laughs In The Face Of Your 'Interstellar' Confusion

Like, literally.

Everything that we know about the upcoming film "Interstellar" fits between these two brackets: [ ]

OK, so that's an exaggeration: We know that Christopher Nolan is directing, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Chastain and Matthew McConaughey star, time travel and worm holes may or may not be involved, and it hits theaters November 7 of this year. While we assume our questions about the movie will be satisfied opening day (unless Nolan pulls some "Lost" type nonsense and we're still scratching our heads), we're not the patient type. Waiting seven-plus more months for answers doesn't do it for us, and that first trailer, where McConaughey is all "blah blah blah destiny" is so damn confusing.

So, naturally, we turned to Hathaway, whose character doesn't even have a listed name yet and who didn't appear in the brief trailer, for an answer to the most basic "Interstellar" question we could think of: Can you tell us anything?

"I can only tell you that you don't know anything yet," she said, before laughing and walking away like some sort of flesh-and-blood version of Elsa from "Frozen." (The spoilers never bothered her anyway.)

Well, worth a try.

"Interstellar" hits theaters November 7...or does it?