Meet The Hypnotist Currently Giving Us Nightmares In The Black Keys’ Turn Blue Clip

Micah Fitz is the man at the swirling center of the Keys' hypnotic new vid.

At this point, the Black Keys have become rather adept at plucking folks from obscurity and placing them beneath the spotlight — just ask the West Akron Orioles or “Lonely Boy” dancing machine Derrick T. Tuggle — and they’ve done it once again with the terrifying teaser clip for their Turn Blue album.

This time, it’s Micah Fitzgerald — aka “Micah Fitz” — an L.A.-based actor/model/musician/entrepreneur who steals the show, spouting hypnotist hyperbole (“I am inside you now! I will breathe life into your hopelessness!”) and thoroughly creeping us out in the Turn Blue clip.

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