Get 'Lost In The Sun' With Josh Duhamel: Exclusive Set Visit

We got a warm welcome on the Texas set of the upcoming thriller.

Josh Duhamel, known for playing the good guy, had a blast filming "Lost in the Sun," getting to switch things up as an "S.O.B."

"I can safely say probably the best time I've had shooting a movie, because I get to play such a son of a bitch," Duhamel told MTV News' Josh Horowitz during our exclusive visit to the set, all the way down in (metaphorically) hot Texas.

Duhamel plays a small-time crook who kidnaps an orphaned teenager (Josh Wiggins) — it's no more Mr. Nice Guy for the actor.

"It comes very natural, which I'm not sure is a good thing or a bad thing," Duhamel said.

With his rugged, intimidating appearance, it seems he must have kicked a few asses for the role — however, in reality, Duhamel explains, "I get my ass kicked once or twice in this movie."

Duhamel shares most of his screen time with another Josh, Josh Wiggins, the young actor who plays the boy he kidnaps.

"He's looking for a connection," Wiggins explained, "which John is absolutely not. He's looking for a sense of normalcy."

It's only Wiggins' second big-screen role, but he more than held his own with the veteran actor. Duhamel was already granting Wiggins diva status, joking, "He's like, 'I got a big movie coming out at South by Southwest. I won't even remember this tomorrow.'"

Despite all the joking, the two clearly had some great chemistry, and said they will miss each other and the blistering Texas sun.

"I am sad that it's ending," Wiggins said. "It's bitter that it's ending, but it has been a lot of fun."

You can see the two Joshes in "Lost in the Sun" when it's released later this year.