Kristen Stewart Dons Furs For Chanel, Or Is It For A New Movie?

The actress looks screen-ready in looks from the Chanel Paris/Dallas collection.

Ever since Kristen Stewart scored a haute new gig as the face of Chanel's Spring 2014 Paris/Dallas collection, fans and fashionistas alike have been waiting anxiously for a peek at the campaign. And thanks to a teensy, unscheduled sneak preview from someone at Chanel, we've finally gotten our first look!

The photos, which briefly appeared on Instagram Tuesday, have since been removed — but they were up for long enough to be grabbed by several enterprising newshounds, and for everyone to feast their eyes on K-Stew in the couture frontier fashions of the collection.

The eclectic campaign features cowboy boots, cropped jackets and cool textures, including a pair of giant fur sleeves that look like they were made from a yeti, with its leading lady sporting a cornrow-accented updo and a heavily-eyelined 100-yard stare. But is this just for fashion's sake? Or could Kristen be savvily, secretly playing dress-up in preparation to make a new film? Because in looks like these, she could totally be making...

A contemporary Western mafia flick

In that knotted tee and cow-hide boots, with a toothpick dangling casually from her mouth, K-Stew would be right at home as the villainous young minion of a Las Vegas-based crime family. Picture a lady Luca Brasi, lurking around a casino looking for things to enforce.

A 'Pirates of the Caribbean' reboot in a frontier setting

If Captain Jack Sparrow had a little sister, and said sister traded in her high seas destiny to become a cowboy, baby, she might look an awful lot like Kristen in that bolo tie and pair of fur batwings.

An occult thriller about the Donner Party

In a long, dark dress decorated with embroidered stars, and a fringed shawl draped over her shoulders, Kristen looks ready to lead a group of hapless pioneers westward toward their destiny... or like she's about to retreat to her covered wagon for a sumptuous bowl of Human Stew.