Mack Wilds Graduates Early With His Sophomore Album

Mack says the follow-up to New York: A Love Story will document the 'trials and tribulations' of becoming a man.

Mack Wilds made a pretty smooth transition from acting to music, scoring a coveted Grammy nomination for his debut album, New York: A Love Story, so it's no surprise that the Staten Island native doesn't want to stray far from the successful formula, on his sophomore LP.

"[The album] is definitely still gonna be very hip-hop, because I'm more than an R&B artist,"

he told MTV News of the next project, on set at his "Henny (remix)" video shoot last week. "I consider myself [to be] a hip-hop artist. That's the culture that embraces me the most. I don't consider myself [to be] the R&B crooner, singing to a girl."

"I'm definitely more of the hip hop, tell-my-story, where I'm from, and probably bag your chick type of stuff. So with that aspect, it's gonna be very hip-hop orientated but very musical."

New York: A Love Story was heavy with nostalgic 90s-era rap melodies, and it sounds like fans can expect more of that coming up.

"[I] love messing around with instruments and stuff so it's gonna be a very creative album," he added. "It's pretty much the finding of me as a man — the different stories and trials and tribulations one goes through, looking for themselves, on their way to being a man."

No word yet on when we'll hear new music from the album. In the meantime, look out for the "Henny (remix)" video, which features cameos from Busta Rhymes, French Montana and Mobb Deep. The clip was inspired by Craig Mack's 1994 star-studded video for "Flavor in Ya Ear (remix)."

"I remember being a kid watching that video and being like, 'That's what hip-hop looks like,' " Mack told MTV News on set.