Rixton May Not Be Naked In New Video, But They're 'Still A Lot Of Fun!'

'We wanted to get our acting heads on,' Rixton tell MTV News on the set of new video for 'Me and My Broken Heart.'

Rixton have already showed us that they are talented musicians, but in their latest music video, the guys are about to show us that they're pretty good actors, too.

The U.K. band is set to release the video for "Me and My Broken Heart," the lead single off their recently released EP, on Wednesday (March 26) on MTV.

The foursome invited MTV News behind the scenes of the shoot, which took place at a Los Angeles boxing ring, to get an inside look at what fans can expect.

"This girl kind of sets us up and we invest our own money in a poker game and we get set up, like, ripped off," lead singer Jake Roche said. "We wanted to make like a Guy Ritchie-type film and get our acting heads on."

In what looks to be shaping up as quite the gambling story, the guys, who admitted they were having "the time of our lives" while on set, are seen around a poker table engaging in a high-stakes card game with a short-haired blonde woman, presumably the one who ripped them off.

If you're expecting nudity, however, like we saw in their breakout hit, "Make Out," then you might be disappointed. The boys, who are MTV's Artist to Watch, are keeping things covered up since the song "has a bit more of emotion."

"It's just totally the opposite of 'Make Out' — like, I am not naked and swinging on a wrecking ball. That would be weird," Roche said.

Drummer Lewi Morgan added, "I don't think we wanted to ever step away from that ["Make Out" video] — we more wanted to show everybody a different side of us. We are still a lot of fun."