Is Diddy Going By Puff Daddy Again? See His 'Big Homie' Trailer

Diddy does a little grocery shopping in the trailer for his new 'Big Homie' music video.

Diddy makes everything look epic — even shopping at a bodega.

On Monday (March 24), the Bad Boy head honcho opened the preview clip for his "Big Homie" music video with an aerial shot of Times Square, before cutting to a super slow motion shot of himself walking through a local grocery store aisle.

Oh yeah, he also may or may not have changed his name back to his original Puff Daddy moniker, depending on how much trust you put into the trailer's credit roll.

A small piano pounds as Puff struts passed a shelf holding dinner napkins, Ziploc sandwich bags and powdered hot chocolate mix. If you think the multimillionaire has grown frugal on his way to a billion, don't fret: He provides plenty of ostentatious moments in the 57-second clip.

In just under a minute, Diddy takes a ride through Harlem with Meek Mill in a Rolls Royce Wraith, dons a fur coat and flashes his diamond-encrusted jewelry in front of the camera.

Puff released the first release from his upcoming MMM album last month and alongside rap friends French Montana and Rick Ross, reminds listeners of all his Diddy-ness. "Diddy go to any hood, big rollie/ Top down on any block, n---as know me/ The only one that's topping Forbes,I'm getting lonely," he brags.