'The Walking Dead': All The Biggest Moments On 'Us'

Glenn gets back together with Maggie, and Terminus stands revealed.

There's only one more hour left in this season of "The Walking Dead," and luckily, great things are happening all over! All of our characters are happy! Good times are here to stay, forever.

Here are all the biggest moments on "Us":

Zombie Dinosaur: The Video Game

Eugene tries to bond with Tara by talking to her about video games, and his theory that the dinosaurs may have died out from the zombie plague. And yes, we agree with Eugene: dinosaur zombies attacking each other would be one sweet game. But it's bad flirting technique.

Michonne And Carl And The Big Candy Bar Contest

How much fun was everyone happening this episode? Michonne and Carl had a contest competing for candy bars by seeing who could balance the longest on train tracks. Rick smiles! Everybody is laughing! Someone turns this on in the middle and thinks AMC is showing a colorized version of "The Little Rascals!"

The Gospel of Joe

Looks like our big bad post-Governor is revealed, as Joe and his Hunters stepped up in a big way this week. As we predicted, Daryl is turned dark by Joe, learning the law of "claims," fighting over half a rabbit and refusing to cover up the dead body of a guy who was beaten to death over said half a rabbit.

And though Daryl doesn't know it yet, Joe is on the trail of Rick, who killed one of his guys a few episodes back. We can't imagine Daryl will go so bad he'd kill Rick, but this also probably won't turn into a hilarious French farce, either.

Tara's Cursed Leg

Not only does Tara get knocked down and twists her ankle this episode, she also gets her leg trapped under some rubble. We were frankly shocked when she didn't have it chopped off by the end of the episode, because that leg is dooooooomed.

Tunnel Of Love

On the list of stupid things the characters on "The Walking Dead" have done, going into a dark tunnel with barely any weapons and just a flashlight is near the top. Yet that's just what gimpy Tara and Glenn do, though they're eventually saved by...

The Light Brigade

Abraham, Eugene and Rosita team up with Bob, Sasha and Maggie for a superteam of ass-kickery, shining a bright light into the tunnel of death and saving Tara and Glenn's lives. Plus, Maggie and Glen get reunited or whatever. But that light! So bright! Much glowing.

Please Stop Burning All Our Foreshadowing

We have no words for how ridiculous it was to watch Maggie burn Glenn's picture of her, his one memento of the time they've had together. "You'll never need that again," she says, implying that he'll have to carry around her severed face after Maggie dies in the season finale.


And Terminus stands revealed. Sort of. We see some flowers, crops, and a friendly lady named Mary who offers to "make a plate." Except as of now, there's no one else around, no locks on the gates, and no walkers. It's just empty. Even if our group looks relieved, what are the chances that Terminus is truly an idyllic paradise?

What did you think of "The Walking Dead" this week? Predictions for the season finale?