'The Walking Dead': Predictions For Tonight's Episode 'Us'

With two episodes left, which one of our main cast won't make it out of 'Us' alive?

On the most recent new episode of "The Walking Dead," two kids died and two adults had their lives (even more) ruined forever. And there are still two episodes left in the season, which does not indicate good news is in the offing for our group of post-apocalyptic survivors.

The second half of the season has been juggling an impressive amount of plots as the fractured group slowly converges (some of them, at least) on the mysterious sanctuary known as Terminus, while others have met new survivors; and others have been kidnapped by morticians.

So what can we expect from "Us?" And just how bad are things going to get?

1. We don't get to see Terminus. We'll definitely get to the sanctuary by the end of the season, but chances are it won't happen this episode. Things are definitely converging, as most of the group has found signs sending them in Terminus' direction. But whatever waits for them there — and if we know this show, what waits for them is not good news — won't stand revealed until at least next week.

2. Class trip to Washington. The titles of the last two episodes are "Us" and "A." There are probably a few layers of meaning there, but put them together and you get a clear indication of the destination Abraham, Rosita and Eugene were heading to before being delayed by Glenn and his quest for Maggie. This week's episode will most likely focus on that section of the group, and a fair amount of discussion about why they're heading to Terminus, and not to D.C. to help stop the zombie plague.

3. Daryl's going dark. Daryl has joined up with Joe's group, which we know from the fact that one of them strangled a dude to sleep in Rick's bed several episodes back are bad news. With his moral compass Beth taken by the mortician, will Daryl try to fight against this group, or give in to his darkness? We're guessing the latter, and it won't be long before our favorite redneck is forced to kill one of his former friends. Rick versus Daryl, anyone?

4. Terminus is full of lesbians. We're just still feeling bad for Tara, who finally found a girlfriend at the end of the Earth only to lose her during the Governor's attack on the prison. Fingers crossed that Terminus is revealed as some sort of Amazonian enclave, because we just want her to be happy!

5. Beth gets buried alive. In a show where the dead walk the Earth, there was no creepier moment than Beth being carried away in a hearse while Daryl chased after her, calling her name. We're guessing the so far unseen mortician doesn't have good intentions towards the younger Greene sister; though to what end, we'll certainly find out soon.

6. Somebody is going to get eaten. With so many awful moments from the comics already on screen, one that hasn't yet been adapted is the arc titled "The Hunters." These pleasant chaps decided the best way to survive during the time of zombies was to say, "When in Rome," and start eating people.

We know showrunner Scott Gimple and company have saved the most f--ked up events for the end of the season, and what would be worse than watching people snacking down on each other #&8212; particularly one of our main cast? Don't know about you guys, but with Carl soaking in all that pudding for the past couple of weeks, the younger Grimes is looking mighty tasty.

What do you think will happen on tonight's episode of "The Walking Dead"?