It's National Puppy Day: Here's The 16 Cutest Spoiled Celebrity Dogs

It's National Puppy Day, and we're celebrating with celebrities' best friends.

Dog is a man's best friend, and when you're the dog of a celebrity, you're one lucky best friend. #NationalPuppyDay, we're rounding up the cutest of the cutest pups — and the spoiled-est of the spoiled — invading our social media feeds.

1. Colin & Serge

Human: Harry Styles

2. Toulouse

Human: Ariana Grande

3. Hannah

Human: Britney Spears

4. Loki

Human: Liam Payne

5. Fozzy

Human: Lady Gaga

6. Mutley

Human: Mariah Carey

7. Twiggy & Audrey Hepburn

Human: Emma Roberts

8. Mary Jane & Floyd

Human: Miley Cyrus

9. Nietzsche (And Puppies)

Human: Ian Somerhalder

10. Baylor

Human: Selena Gomez

11. Lucy

Human: Naya Rivera

12. Oliver

Human: Demi Lovato

13. Magic

Human: Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

14. Puppy

Human: Zac Efron

15. Pearl

Human: Lea Michele

16. Olive

Human: Ashley Benzo

Did we miss anyone? Share your favorite pups in the comments below!