WTF? The Black Keys Announce New Album, With Help From Mike Tyson

Turn Blue is due May 13 ... but the terrifying YouTube clips start now.

The Black Keys are back … and they’re turning blue.

With a little help from Mike Tyson — yes, Mike Tyson (who apparently put aside his admiration for Patrick Carney’s sparring partner, Justin Bieber ) — and a series of thoroughly weird, decidedly creepy YouTube videos, the Keys have announced the title and release date for their new album: Turn Blue, due May 13.

Confused? Hey, join the club. But here’s what we know — on Friday afternoon, Tyson tweeted a link to a mysterious YT clip that features a motivational speaker/maniac in an ill-fitting suit slowly hypnotizing his audience (“I am inside you now … you can feel me … I will breathe life into our hopelessness, I will be your messiah, your God, your therapist, your lover, your mother, your father, and you are my son, and you will obey me”) while a record spins.

At the very end of the clip, Turn Blue, a “special new album by rock musicians the Black Keys” is advertised, along with the May 13 date. And, uh … yeah. Maybe you should just watch the clip for yourself.

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