YG And Kendrick Lamar: 'It's All Love' On 'Really Be'

YG talks to MTV News about his 'A-1' collaboration on My Krazy Life.

YG has a ton of great records on his critically acclaimed debut My Krazy Life, but when it came time to pick a favorite, his fellow Compton MC Kendrick Lamar felt one really stood out— the bassy "Really Be (Smokin N Drinkin)."

"Kendrick told me that when it was time to put out my album he was gonna hop on one of my records," YG told MTV News on Tuesday, while he was in Los Angeles celebrating his release day. "He wanted to hear the whole album, so we played him the whole album and then he heard that song and was like, 'I'm hopping on that, that's the best song on there.'"

Like Kendrick, YG hails from Compton, California, but his major debut tells a drastically different story than Lamar's Grammy-nominated good kid, m.A.A.d. city. On the surface YG's MKL plays more like bad kid, mad city as he plays up his gang affiliations and raps about the time he spent locked up in jail.

To simply position YG's debut as the other side to Kendrick's coin is only to tell a part of the story. With the help of producer DJ Mustard, who produced on eight out of the LP's 14 tracks, the Young Gangsta created a lane of his own.

"It's A-1 to be able to get somebody like that on my record," YG said of Kendrick. "I knew Kendrick before I blew up, he knew me before he blew up and be rocking with what I was doin' and I been rocking with what they was doin' so it's all love and respect."