What Are Fans Saying About 'Divergent'?

The dystopian blockbuster finally hits theaters, and fans have a lot to say.

For months, fans of the "Divergent" trilogy have been anxiously awaiting the release of the movie based on the first book, with fingers crossed that it wouldn't be ruined by its journey through Hollywood.

And though the professionals were already quibbling yesterday over whether the film was a thrilling success or a bloated flop, the real reckoning is happening on twitter as we speak, where fans who flocked to the midnight premiere are sharing their thoughts on seeing this beloved story on the big screen.

Anticipation Was Running High

One YA Author Was Floored

And Fans Were Not Disappointed!

...Except When They Were

Meanwhile, The Franchise Has At Least One New Fan

And People Are Looking On The Bright Side

Except When Actively Embracing Denial

But Hey, Whatever. INSURGENT!