Need To Know: Fox Announces New Marvel Movies

Got plans this weekend? With 'Divergent' premiering and Lady Gaga debuting a new video for 'G.U.Y.' you'll be busy.

Fox Announces Major Marvel Movie Release Dates

We'll see sequels for "The Wolverine" and "Fantastic Four," as well as a special mystery project, from Fox over the next few years. Hugh Jackman will return for the "X-Men" spinoff, slated for March 3, 2017, while "Fantastic Four," the first of which hasn't even started shooting yet, is scheduled for July 14 of the same year. As for the mystery project? It remains just that.

New Photos Released In Kurt Cobain's Suicide

Two decades after his death, Seattle PD has released photos found at the scene of the singer's suicide that show explicit drug paraphernalia, including a spoon and needles. Though it's not revelatory (we knew Cobain was high on heroin when he died), the photos give a previously unseen glimpse in to Cobain's surroundings on the day of his death.

Got Plans This Weekend? Now You Do!

Gather your fellow initiates! "Divergent" hits theaters today and we couldn't be more psyched for Shailene Woodley's big blockbuster. Saturday, we'll be glued to "Dateline," where, in an unusual choice, Lady Gaga has decided to debut the new video for "G.U.Y."

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