Rick Ross Drops 'The Devil Is A Lie' Video, But Where's Jay Z?

The brand-new clip is all about the Bawse.

You couldn't stop Rick Ross if you tried, and the MMG Bawse reminded the rap game of that immutable fact Thursday (March 20) with the release of his new music video for Mastermind's "The Devil Is A Lie" without any trace of the song's collaborator, Jay Z.

The brief clip begins with Rozay emerging from a spankin' new Rolls Royce under a bridge. Able to spark flames with a flourish of his Rolex Sky-Dweller-adorned hand, the Teflon Don then fires off the first verse.

The visuals toggle back and forth between a leather jacket-wearing Ross spitting rhymes in the heat of the night to a shirtless Ross performing right into the camera in front of a black backdrop. Suddenly, nondescript men get in and out of black SUVs, that then begin to traverse the block in a line headed nowhere in particular.

While the signature horns punctuate the track, flames appear intermittently, as do the song's lyrics in various languages like Arabic, Chinese and Spanish. But as Ross gets in the back seat of a waiting vehicle at the verse's conclusion, it's evident that his partner in rhyme won't be making his expected cameo.

And for those that will challenge whether or not this Hov-less video is the genuine article, Rozay himself shared the link from his personal Twitter account.