Gunplay Confirms Living Legend Is 'Definitely' Happening

'It's up to the Bawse,' Def Jam rapper says of album's release date.

Perfection can't be rushed. But Gunplay fans have had to wait a lot longer than usual for the Carol City rapper to drop his debut LP, Living Legend.

According to the "Bible on the Dash" MC, though, his supporters' patience through all of the drug addiction-related troubles and recurring legal issues is finally about to pay off.

"We talking, like, summertime, maybe, but it's definitely gonna happen," Gunplay told MTV News backstage at Def Jam's 30th Anniversary showcase earlier this month. "It's up to the Bawse [Rick Ross], it's up to [Def Jam EVP Shawn "Pecas" Costner], it's up to the building. The fans ready. I'm ready. I'm geared up. I'm balanced. I'm ready to go. Living Legend, it's on the way."

With his much-anticipated project somewhat set in stone, Don Logan was more readily willing to reveal who he's been working with in the studio (let's hope the rumored collabo with Kanye West comes to fruition) to make his solo set worth the extended wait.

"I got [Lil] Wayne on there, I got Young Dro on there," he revealed. "Production from a lot of young, hungry, up-and-coming producers. Got one from 808 Mafia."

Having graduated from peddling a then-unsigned Rick Ross' mixtapes around Miami to putting the final touches on his first major-label release, is it fair to assume that the Triple Cs representer will also try to follow Rozay's sonic blueprint with the help of a certain collective of Grammy-winning producers from Tampa, Florida?

"I need to get a J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League," Gunplay said, excitedly, about the beat maestros responsible for hits such as the Jay Z-assisted "Maybach Music," "Magnificent" and Mastermind's "Thug Cry." "We ain't done yet. We 'bout 75 percent done, so J.L., holla at me, yo!"

Now that he's drug-free and legally in a good space, the Bilderberg Group spitter is poised to bring his brand of engaging, off-kilter pathos to the masses, with focused dexterity and lyrical clarity, of course.

"The drugs just enhance what you're thinking but when you're sober, you speak from the heart and it's not just rambling on — it makes sense," he said on "RapFix Live" last year. "Now you get to analyze every word and every bar and you make sure everything is on time."