Lorde Said What? 17 Inaugural Celebrity Tweets

Find yours, too.

Twitter is eight! Which means if you were an early adopter, you've likely said a lot of embarrassing and amazing things (sober and otherwise) over the course of those heady years. And so, of course, have the musically famous set — while they were famous and not-so-much-known.

Due to the boredom that is scrolling, a lot of our earliest assertions have been lost in that infinite sea of tweets, but, today, the microblogging service has decided to give us all a serious case of #TBT in the form of a fun little tool called #FirstTweet. Yup, simply plug in your username to get your very first tweet.

Mine, predictably, had something to do with joining Twitter. Other newly minted tweeters, however — like Chance the Rapper, Katy Perry and more — had more interesting things to say.

Check out a cadre of famous first tweets below:

1. Macklemore

Little did he know, he'd be the selfie king in a few short years...

2. Chance The Rapper

Before he was famous.

3. Lady Gaga

Forever fierce.

4. Cher

Hello, Cher.

5. Jared Leto

What? Your road to the Oscars?

6. Katy Perry

Katy's first tweet was sick. Literally.

7. Justin Bieber

Yeah guys, hit him up on MySpace. This kid might just have something...

8. Miley Cyrus

So innocent...

9. Beyoncé

Nice to meet you, B!

10. One Direction

XOXO to you, too, dudes!

11. Veronica Roth

Research for your future futuristic blockbuster, perhaps?

12. Lena Dunham

Cribbing on Sinatra.

13. Rihanna

OK, but what about in 2014?

14. Wayne Coyne

It was worth the wait.

15. Kesha

Yes to the please power.

16. Courtney Love

You said it.

17. Lorde

But your fingers themselves are just black enough, kid.