Justin Bieber May Be Deposed... Again

After the singer's dismissive behavior on March 6, Mark DiCowden wants another deposition.

Remember when Justin Bieber called his deposition lawyer Katie Couric? So does the deposition lawyer, and he's not very happy about it.

In fact, Mark DiCowden, who represents paparazzo Jeffrey Binion in the assault case, is asking for Bieber to be deposed again after a less-than-illuminating sit-down.

"I'm looking for Bieber's reappearance in a deposition to be answered truthfully, honestly, and provide his recollections as to incidents that occurred between him and his bodyguards, including the Selena Gomez incident," DiCowden told E! News on Tuesday (March 18). He's also looking to bar Bieber's lawyers from representing him after they wouldn't allow him to answer questions he says were "reasonably calculated to lead to admissible evidence."

Binion claims that Bieber and his bodyguard assaulted him and tried to take his memory card in May of 2012. In his deposition, video of which surfaced online last week, Bieber was less than thorough in answering DiCowden's questions.

The tension reached a boil when DiCowden asked the "Baby" singer if he was dating on-again off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez at the time of the incident. Bieber quickly said "don't ask me about her," and walked out.

If DiCowden gets his way, he'll get the answer to that question -- one he says is important.

"I'm looking to question Bieber about Selena because of the incident that occurred in California where he attacked a photographer right in front of her," he told E!.

While they haven't gone public with a confirmation, Bieber and Gomez seem to be back on ever since he posted a rather intimate Instagram video of the two in dance rehearsals.