Zedd’s ‘Find You’ Video Finds Love In A Hopeless Place

'It's ... very similar to the way I approach my live shows,' Zedd says of the swirl of colors in the video for the 'Divergent' soundtrack song.

MTV News caught up with Zedd last month on the set of the video that he said was his biggest, most elaborate production to date. And he wasn’t kidding.

Working with a treatment cooked up by “Clarity” director Jodeb, the “Find You” clip mixes the real world with a surreal one, much of it shot in front of a green screen with the EDM star at his keyboard on a rotating platform. “It’s … very similar to the way I approach my live shows,” Zedd said of the futuristic feel of the song from the “Divergent” soundtrack 
. “I’m usually in the middle of a big image which is visuals and impression that you get, surreal stuff and beautiful colors.”

The video opens in a sleek white house with lots of windows, with singers Miriam Bryant and Matthew Koma performing their parts in front of plain backdrops pulsing with geometric line drawings. But things get very colorful when the song’s beat kicks in, as a riot of reds, yellows and orange burst onto the screen and the house’s windows fill with flickering light pulses.

The soft-spoken star wasn’t afraid to say that filming his biggest video to date made him a bit nervous. “I want it to be amazing.”

And, well, it kind of is, especially when the action shifts to a concert, where the video’s sad-eyed star catches a glimpse of a fellow hot female club goer and chases her on a BMW motorcycle while being trailed by a murder of crows.

The good news is she finds her in a snowy cave and they share a tender embrace before the birds chase her back out into the cold and onto a frozen lake. She falls through the ice, wakes up in a bathtub … you know how that goes.

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