Watch The Black Lips Go All Punk Rock Beatles In 'Justice After All'

Their new record, Underneath The Rainbow, is out now.

The Black Lips have returned to their sonic roots with their ragged and rowdy new record Underneath The Rainbow, and for the video for "Justice After All," they returned to their literal roots: Atlanta.

More than a little lighter than the vid for "Boys In The Wood" (no coffins!), "Justice After All" is a concert short of sorts, featuring the guys playing live and wandering through their hometown.

Andy Capper, who directed the video as well as several other Black Lips productions, told Vice that the piece was inspired by Husker Du's "Don't Want to Know if You Are Lonely," which was shot on VHS.

"For this one I just wanted the band to be in their hometown, being themselves, hanging with pals and performing," Capper said. "For me Black Lips are like the punk pre-Sgt Pepper Beatles. There is so much natural charisma that it makes them a joy to shoot."

Underneath The Rainbow dropped Tuesday (March 18), boasting production by the Black Keys' Patrick Carney and some very special special editions.

According to bassist and vocalist Jared Swilley, the band will be releasing scented cassettes ("a musky, peaty kind of smell, inspired by the group," he said) on tour, as well as using a special machine to pump smells like cookies, dumpsters and the moon into venues.

Scratch and mentally sniff the Lips' new video while you chew on that mind nugget.