New 'Maleficent' Trailer Showcases Angelina Jolie, Dragons And Other Winged Things: Watch Now

The third trailer for "Sleeping Beauty" reimagination is here, and it's ominous.

We already walked with "Maleficent" once upon a dream, and now we can watch another full trailer for the upcoming Disney reboot, no strolling required.

Yes, today we got two more minutes of the be-horned Angelina Jolie playing the villainous Maleficent, foe of Elle Fanning's Princess Aurora, Sleeping Beauty herself.

In the new clip, there are the old familiar tropes — 16th birthday, curse of the eternal nap, beasties, yadda yadda — but there's also something decidedly new: Hey, look, everyone, Angelina Jolie has wings now!

"I had wings once," she intones darkly. "They were strong. But they were stolen from me."

Whether the following shots of Jolie swooping around on massive, dark wings are a flashback or a foretelling of Maleficent snatching those bad boys right back, one thing is for certain: They are fierce.

Oh, and pardon us while we try and creep away without anyone noticing while she cackles like a crazy person after mentioning the evil, hatred and revenge in the world. Um, bye? Bye!

"Maleficent," starring Jolie and Fanning, and directed by Robert Stromberg, is set to hit theaters May 30.