Miley Cyrus Loses Bangerz Bus To Fire

'Cyrus bus down!' tweets Miley's little sis Noah about Monday's incident.

Miley Cyrus has had plenty of epic adventures on her Bangerz Tour
, but one unexpected surprise on Monday was no party.

Little sister Noah posted a series of videos on Monday night showing a fire raging through one of the Bangerz Tour buses, burning it to the ground on the side of the highway. According to a source close to Cyrus, the incident took place en route to New Orleans when a tire blew and sparked a fire on the bus carrying the singer's mother, Tish.

"This is the bus we were riding on," says a unseen narrator Noah ID'd as "Larry" in another video. "Was the bus we were riding on. I don't think it's bus anymore."

Judging from interior pictures, the devastation seems almost complete, with little left except some dangling wires and the charred remains of the bus' kitchen. It was unclear at press time if anyone was injured in the fire.

In keeping with the Cyrus family sense of humor, Noah noted that one of the casualties of the inferno was mom Tish's Cracker Barrel stuffed bunny.

While Miley reposted one of Noah's "tour bus down!" tweets, she hasn't officially commented so far and at press time MTV News could not reach her spokespeople for further details on the incident.