Lady Gaga’s Vomit Artist Responds To Demi Lovato’s SXSW Slam

Millie Brown tells MTV News work is 'liberating' not 'punishing.'

Artist Millie Brown’s performance with Lady Gaga at SXSW has had a lot of tongues wagging these past few days — including her own. You know, since she purposefully vomited colors all over the pop icon during her
ARTPOP-packed Austin debut.

The messy display has earned its share of Web-time over the ensuing week, drawing criticism from the likes of Demi Lovato, who said that the performance glorified bulimia — criticism that Brown roundly negates.

“I can understand why people would make that association, but my performance really is not a statement about eating disorders themselves,” Brown told MTV News. “It’s like using my body to express myself. I think a lot of people understand that I’m not trying to punish myself and my body in that way.”

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