'The Maze Runner': Watch The Full Trailer Now

Highly anticipated trailer for Dylan O'Brien film finally hits the Web.

"The Maze Runner" trailer is finally here. The Box has opened, and with it comes a brief glimpse at what to expect from the Dylan O'Brien starring adaptation of James Dashner's YA novel.

The trailer premiered during "Teen Wolf," and now that it has hit the Web, you can watch it over and over, decoding all the clues. What is W.C.K.D.? Who is Thomas (O'Brien)? Why has he been thrown in an immense, impossible to navigate maze with dozens of other boys? And for that matter, why can't he remember anything?

For fans of the book, the teaser also offers up some tantalizing glimpses of the big bad monstrosities known as Grievers, mechanical/biological horrors that prowl the maze.

And we're introduced to Kaya Scodelario as the first girl to ever end up in the Glade. Given the very clear "No Girlz" sign on the maze, what is she doing there?

Whatever is happening, this is just the first part of the epic "Maze Runner" saga, and we can't wait to see it hit screens.

The movie is directed by Wes Ball, and co-stars Will Poulter. It hits theaters on September 19 from Twentieth Century Fox.