The 1975 Called 'Godless Animals,' Had A Gun Pulled On Them By An MLB Player's Mom

The breakout Brits tell their craziest SXSW story at the mtvU Woodies.

The 1975 swept through Austin, Texas this past weekend for their second-straight South By Southwest fest ... and their first appearance at the mtvU Woodie Awards.

And though plenty has happened to the breakout Brits since their first trip to SXSW — including their "Breaking Woodie" win at the show — let's just say that first visit is one they won't forget any time soon.

"Last year we were renting a house off some baseball star who was really religious, and his mom turned up and found lots of, like, paraphernalia, and found out we'd been sharing a bed — three guys — and they called us 'Godless animals' and they chased us out of the house with a gun!" frontman Matt Healy laughed. "They didn't like it! I was like 'Come on! I thought we were in Austin! I didn't think this was, like, hick territory.' They hated us."

"They thought we were being gay in their bedroom or something," drummer George Daniel added. "And then one of our friends, he didn't even know this had happened, he was still at the festival, he went back to the house and had a shower, and managed to leave without them even leaving! It was brilliant!"

Of course, given that their plans for 2014 include "not dying," you'd think the 1975 would want to avoid Texas for the foreseeable future ... but they'll be back in May for a trio of shows as part of their seemingly endless world tour. And, no, they're not worried about any gunplay this time around.

"We've done so many countries, man, which is so amazing. We've really, there's only about 10 states in America that we haven't been to," Healy said. "This year we've already toured Australia, the UK, Japan, parts of America and Europe and it's only March. It's quite amazing."