'The Raid 2' NSFW Clip: It's Hammer Time

This exclusive look at the sequel introduces us to a new character.

Two years ago, director Gareth Evans started a revolution in the action movie genre. His film, "The Raid," became a favorite at film festivals before rolling out in a limited release that spawned a cult following.

And now he and his team of expert martial artists are back for "The Raid 2," and MTV News has an exclusive (and NSFW) clip from the upcoming sequel.

Anyone who saw the original "Raid" understood immediately that it wasn't like anything Hollywood was putting into theaters. For one, it had a straightforward premise. An elite SWAT team enters a tenement building, filled with criminals, to arrest the drug lord who sits at the top. That's the entire story, and the thing just goes from there.

But it doesn't just go. It rockets forward. The characters in "The Raid" fight in the pencak silat style — a signature of Evans' movies — and fights are kinetic and non-stop. That style has been carried over to "The Raid 2," but the scope of the story has been blown out in a big way.

Iko Uwais, who played the hero Rama in "The Raid," is back for the follow-up, which picks up the story just minutes after the end of the original. After making his way to the top of the tower, the cop is sent undercover to expose corruption within the police and take out the syndicate for good.

Over the course of the film's massive two and a half hour runtime, we meet a host of new characters, including Hammer Girl, who's featured in our exclusive clip.

"The Raid 2" opens in theaters on March 28.