Despite The 'Awkward Moments,' Miles Teller Has Our Hearts On #MCM

MTV News pays tribute to the bad boy in "Divergent," Miles Teller in this week's Man Crush Monday.

He's Hollywood's next "It" guy, with handsome charm, a hilarious personality and the talent for busting some dance moves. Miles Teller can do no wrong, which is why he is MTV News' pick for this week's Man Crush Monday.

Miles will next been seen playing bad boy Peter in "Divergent," but he first danced his way into our hearts during the remake of "Footloose." He showed us his party side during "21 & Over," had a bit of an "Awkward Moment" with Zac Efron and had us falling in love during "The Spectacular Now."

Most important of all, Miles definitely knows how to kiss. I don't speak from personal experience, but we wouldn't have nominated him for an MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss if he wasn't any good.

Need some more convincing as to why Miles is our #MCM? Well, take a look at the GIFs below, which will no doubt cheer up your Monday blues.

He's The Only Guy Who Can Look Cute Dancing in Overalls

Seriously, Look At Those Sweet Moves

He Was Basically The Cutest Kid Ever

He Gives Great Advice

See, We Told You He Was a Good Kisser

It's Getting Hot In Here...Time To Cool Off