One Direction Go Hair Metal For Record Store Day: See The Pic

That's what makes them beautiful.

Harry isn't the only one looking, well, hairy on the cover of One Direction's special Record Store Day release.

The dudes are sporting some seriously metaled-out locks (and some mildly disturbing spandex), the perfect retro complement to the throwback format.

This April, One Direction will be releasing a special, limited-edition vinyl of their single "Midnight Memories," complete with a very '80s hair metal cover and what appears to be a similarly tricked-out picture disc.

In addition to the jam, which comes off of the British-Irish boy band's record by the same name, the record will also include a live version of "Rock Me" from the documentary "One Direction: This Is Us."

A limited number of these records will be manufactured and sold at participating record stores across the world on April 19.

Record Store Day is a relatively new event, having launched in 2007 to celebrate independent record stores and their wares. Over the years, most participating bands have been of the "indie"-leaning variety, releasing special edition vinyl only available in small quantities for one day per year. However, acts like Lady Gaga and Fall Out Boy have also participated in the past.

If you're looking to nab 1D's disc come April, I suggest finding your closest participating record store posthaste and camping out — or, you know, making pals with the dudes at the counter and putting in a special request for the coveted piece of plastic.

Oh, and make sure to check out the other goods while you're at it. Record Store Day is all about discovery, after all.