Who Should Direct 'The Amazing Spider-Man 4'?

With Marc Webb out of the running, who should swing in to helm Spider-Man's fourth 'Amazing' movie?

Marc Webb's web-shooting days have an end in sight.

The filmmaker responsible for the first two "Amazing Spider-Man" films will be back for the third movie in the series, but not the fourth. He confirmed as much in an interview with The Daily Beast, saying that he wants to be involved in "Amazing Spider-Man 4" as a consultant, but not as the director.

"I've had so much fun doing it," he said, "but after the third movie, it'll be time to find something else."

Given that "The Amazing Spider-Man 3" still hasn't even entered production, losing Webb is a future problem — but not that far into the future. It's worth wondering who could replace him when the time comes. With that in mind, here are a few candidates we'd want to see behind the lens for "The Amazing Spider-Man 4."

Paul Feig

He's responsible for some of the funniest movies of the past few years: "Bridesmaids" and "The Heat." In the latter movie, he showed he knows his way around a fast-paced action movie, without sacrificing laughs along the way. And if it opens up the door for Melissa McCarthy to do a gender-swapped J. Jonah Jameson, then I am all for it.

Drew Goddard

Goddard is already attached to write and possibly direct Sony's planned "Sinister Six" movie; the studio should consider refocusing Goddard's efforts on a fourth "Spider-Man" movie. His previous directorial outing, "Cabin in the Woods," proved the man's sense of humor and his eye for high-flying thrills and action. He's the perfect pick to tackle a Peter Parker flick.

The Russo Brothers

Not to steal them away from "Captain America," but Joe and Anthony Russo would kill it on "Spider-Man." Their work on comedies like "Community" and "Arrested Development" show their ability to handle the levity of Peter Parker's world, but "Captain America: The Winter Soldier" will cement their status as action all-stars. If they want to expand their work in the Marvel Universe, this could be the spot.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

He's directed before. His debut feature, "Don Jon," was energetic and stylish, bright and punchy. JGL is set to flex even more muscles as a director, assuming his plans for a "Sandman" film come to fruition. By the time he's done there, he'll have more than enough experience under his belt to tackle a Peter Parker tale. And hey, if Andrew Garfield is sick of the role by then, I can think of worse substitute Spideys than Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Andrew Garfield

In a perfect world, Garfield continues on with "Spider-Man." The actor clearly loves the character and his legacy and what he means to viewers all across the globe. With that passion in mind, and with three films of experience to his name, "Amazing Spider-Man 4" could be an interesting place for Garfield to swing at the wall-crawler from a different angle — namely, as a director.

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