15 Must-See GIFs From The mtvU Woodie Awards

From Lil Wayne to Iggy Azalea, re-live the Woodies biggest moments, GIF by GIF.

Lil Wayne went legendary-status with this opening freestyle, Iggy Azalea shook everything her mama gave her and Childish Gambino shut the whole house down. It's safe to say the 2014 mtvU Woodie Awards will go down in history. To cap off the magic, we're bringing you the top moments in glorious GIFs:

Lil Wayne surprised everyone with an opening freestyle.

Weezy even got his hand on some wood!

The 1975 shook things up before taking home the Breaking Woodie.

Iggy Azalea strutted.

And shook.

And even tried out this fancy belly dance.

Chance the Rapper was beyond stoked to win Best Video.

American Authors lit up the stage and got personal with the crowd.

Ed Sheeran couldn't help being adorable during his Performing Woodie win.

Childish Gambino was feeling the Christmas spirit to start.

But CG got a little more comfortable in "Sweatpants" to close out the show.