'The Walking Dead': All The Biggest Moments On 'The Grove'

Tensest episode of the season says goodbye to two recurring characters.

When "The Walking Dead" star Chad Coleman told us this week's episode would be "excruciating," he wasn't fooling around.

Here are all the biggest moments from "The Grove:"

The First 30 Minutes

Sure was a pleasant first 30 minutes, huh? Tyreese, Carol, Lizzie and Mika (and Judith) find a pecan grove, and have a nice time hanging out. In fact, they even become a de facto family, shelling pecans and falling asleep in the easy chair for the rest of time. Then it all goes to s**t.

Feed The Walkers

So Lizzie is crazy. First she's "playing" with a Walker by letting it chase her around, and then it turns out she's been feeding the Walkers rats as far back as the prison. Where she got so good at capturing an unlimited supply of rats is unexplained, but it is creepy; and as Tyreese finds out later, she even dissected a rodent and nailed it to a board... For fun.

Charred Walkers: Attack!

All episode a metaphorical plume of smoke looms in the distance, growing bigger. Turns out it was a busload (maybe from the prison?) of charred crispy Walkers, who end up attacking the grove. Not an all-time great gross-out, but still pretty good, as pieces of crispy Walker skin fall off as they attack.

Tyreese's Audition

Tyreese gives a fantastic monologue to his acting coach, Carol, while out in the grove doing... Something. Probably not looking for pecans, because goddamn they have too many pecans. But it's a chance for Chad Coleman to flex those acting muscles and go through a bevy of emotions.

And more importantly, it's a chance for Carol to confess she killed his girlfriend. Given he's holding a gun the whole time, the viewer thinks he's going to shoot her; but she doesn't confess, and he doesn't shoot. Whew. Nothing bad will ever happen again.

Lizzie Guts Her Sister

...And then the other tiny shoe hung on a grave drops. Carol and Tyreese return to find Lizzie has gutted her sister Mika to show them that it's really okay when Walkers come back. "Don't worry, she'll come back. I didn't hurt her brain," Lizzie says as Tyreese and Carol look terrified at baby Judith.

Lizzie Looks At The Flowers

"Just look at the flowers, Lizzie. Look at the flowers," Carol says as she once again steps up to the plate, killing Lizzie because there's no saving the insane child. We've seen some pretty bad things on this show, but this definitely ranks as one of the most excruciating.

Carol Confesses

Oh wait, we meant this was one of the most excruciating things ever. Tyreese and Carol sit late at night doing a puzzle, because they've clearly ran out of pecans to shell, and Carol confesses killing Karen. And passes him a gun. Tyreese nearly breaks the table in half with his bare hands, but ultimately forgives Carol. Together they (and baby Judith) head to Terminus, and we stress-barf forever.

What did you think of "The Grove?" What was your favorite moment?